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    Meadview is situated in northwest Arizona and is located on the Arizona side of Lake Mead, at the extreme western end of the Grand Canyon        National Park. Perched on the Grapevine Mesa, a high desert plateau  with elevations around 4,000', and above and just south of Lake Mead.
    Meadview has access to Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the United States.  
    There are stunning views of the Grand Wash Cliffs as high as 6,000' to the east and the distant glow of Las Vegas to the west. Meadview is a quite retirement community surrounded by Federal land belonging to both the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service.  The communities are of recent origin having been started around 1960 as a retirement community.
    Meadview  and Lake Mead City, are the communities in Arizona with access to Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon by personal watercraft, and vehicle.  It graces the eastern end of Lake Mead on an unspoiled plateau swept with Joshua Trees.  Meadview and Lake Mead City are in Mohave County and in the North Western area of Arizona, on the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon in the Mojave Desert Mountains which is also called "The Grapevine Mesa".  Meadview and Lake Mead City are small rural communities at elevations ranging from 3,100' to 3,800' nestled in an abundance of Joshua Trees, Yuccas, wildlife, goldmine sites, hiking and four-wheeling adventures while enjoying boating, fishing and picnic facilities.  A profusion of extraordinary sunsets of Lake Mead and the Grand Wash Cliffs, will make you want to stay an eternity.
    Springtime brings a dense covering of wild flowers providing vibrant splashes of every shade of color.  The Grapevine Mesa is home to a dense Joshua tree forest.  The sunsets, which paint the Grand Wash Cliffs in pink, mauve and then magenta, provide the perfect backdrop for a backyard cookout.
    There's gold to find, rock hounding, gold mines to visit, and swim in the clean water of Lake Mead.  We believe you will find Meadview and Lake Mead City really nice places to spend your time - we do our best to make you welcome with cafes, a gas station, RV Parks, motels, stores, etc.
    We will do our best to help you enjoy the beauties of the Grapevine Mesa area - the lake, the canyon, the hills, the wildlife, flocks of Quail, a swift roadrunner, lots of birds to watch, a chance sighting of bobcat, deer, badger, wild horses, a burro and desert big horn sheep all of whom are frequent visitors, and often a musical chorus each evening provided by our coyotes.  Something the city dweller never hears.
    Come visit us - you'll love it - and return time after time.
    Lake Mead Fishing/Boating/Water Skiing - 550 miles of breathtaking shoreline just waiting for you and your boat.
    Come fish the quiet coves of the lake, ski on the open waters, take your boat miles around the Lake into a different world.
    Join us on one of the largest man-made lakes in the world where Largemouth bass, Striped bass, Channel catfish, Crappie, and Bluegill are found.   While the fishing is generally good all year round, the best fishing on Lake Mead is in April, May and June.
    Hiking - See nature up close and at its best!
    Photography/Backpacking/Horseback riding. Canyons and washes abound, offering a challenge to even the most experienced hiker. The best season for hiking is November through March.
Come Join Us!
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7 Reasons to volunteer to serve the MCA Board of Governors....

by MCA Staff & Board of Governors on 07/12/19

While there are many reasons why a MCA property owner should volunteer to be a part of the Board of Governors, I have listed below 7 reasons to take active part in the future of your association. We are always looking for talented and dedicated homeowners to join our Board. 

Why volunteer to run for the Board of Governors?

1.To be sociable, meet your neighbors, and make friends. 
2. To correct a problem within your community. Perhaps parking is an issue, or neighbors maintenance has been neglected.
3.To protect you property values and maintain the quality of life you expect in your community. 
4. To get educated on the many facets of running a community association such as; the many laws and regulations, maintenance and repair, and understanding financials. 
5. To have fun accomplishing things around your community together with your neighbors. Being on the Board doesn’t always have to be negative. 
6. To advance your career and build your personal resume by including your leadership capacity and community volunteer service.
7.To advance the ‘givers gain’ mentality of improving society as a whole while assisting your neighbors throughout the community.

What do think about running for the MCA Board?

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